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About Shin Ohashi

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Born in Gifu City in 1978.


In 2002, while studying cello in Germany, he learned about Alexander Technique (AT) and became interested in learning the movement of the whole body.


In 2003, started studying at AT teacher training school in Kyoto. Started learning Chung Tai Chi from the principal of the school, Bruce Fertman, as part of AT training.


At that time, AT was not well known and found a socially usable field in rehabilitation, and obtained the national qualification as a physical therapist in 2010. After working at the Osaka Welfare Pension Hospital (currently JCHO Osaka Hospital), which is said to be the gateway to orthopedics in Kansai, he was invited to the Ichihashi Orthopedic Clinic in Kobe City to change jobs and was given a private room to engage in special missions.


In 2012, after 9 years of AT training, he became an AT teacher and established a studio where he teaches Tai Chi classes and physical condition and movement while working at the clinic. From this year, he studied Chinese martial arts centered on Tai Chi under world champion Seigo Arai.


Since 2014, he has presented a total of 5 researches on the introduction of AT medical treatment at the Medical Society in 4 years.


In 2018, acquired an industrial counselor certified by the Japan Industrial Counselor Association. Certified as an international teacher by the Alexander Technique International (ATI). Presented the results of introducing AT medical care at the AT international convention. In the same year, he participated in the group Tai Chi and performed at the 40th anniversary ceremony of the Japan-China Friendship Treaty.


In 2019, he won a bronze medal in a group event at the Osaka International Martial Arts Tai Chi Exchange Tournament.

Established Flow Ethics Co., Ltd. in August 2020 and became independent from the clinic. As the representative director of the company, he is developing comprehensive health care management services. Asukashinsha plans to publish his first book, "The posture changes only by breathing (provisional)" in early 2021.

In 2022, he published the book "Awesome book that improves your posture just by chanting magical phrases".


Hello, My name is Shin Ohashi.

Physiotherapist, Alexander Technique International Certified Teacher, Industrial Counselor, US ISMETA Certified Movement Educator

Playing the cello made me interested in and explored the physical and mental movements of people.
An expert in education on movement and expression.

I have pursued the four qualifications to deal with all kinds of worries and to be deeply involved.

As a physiotherapist, I can sometimes judge from a medical point of view,

As a counselor, I also know how to stay with you so that you don't get hurt anymore.

And to demand the challenges of the performer's advanced movements

After repeated training, ISMETA, a huge organization in the United States, has also licensed "Educator of Movement".

As a result, I received a bronze medal at the Tai Chi International Convention, and now I am studying the relationship between breathing and movement!

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What I cherish.

It is necessary for the person itself to shine more, regardless of the body and mind.
Provide it simply and concretely, and go to the goal promptly and surely.

I think my responsibility as a teacher is to be able to make changes.

And for that, teachers tend to do it,
Don't drive, don't push, don't give pressure, never do these.

People's dignity is our top priority.

I also write blogs frequently to get a better understanding of my personality!

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